Five Shoes for a Fun Wedding Season:

Cool, Chic, and Comfortable Options So You Can Dance the Night Away!

Written by Guest Contributor, Sara Webb Hiris, Creator of Hiris & Co

First come crocuses. Then come tulips. Next come weddings! As nature turns green and blossoms stunning colors all around us, we feel renewed and inspired. And we feel the LOVE. If you are plucking pretty wedding invitations from your mailbox, first you may feel thrills of excitement. And then you may wonder, “But what do I wear? And what about shoes?” Send the worries away and keep the thrills. We are here to help.
Lisa Rundall Photography teams up with Hiris & Co and Strut Denver to bring you looks and ideas for this wedding season. Being in Denver, Colorado, we naturally cover the mountain wedding, as well as black tie, destination, food truck/picnic, and the traditional spring/summer wedding.

Mountain or Barn Wedding

Blue skies, awe-inspiring views, the smell of sunshine and tall grasses: a mountain wedding makes you feel alive and thankful to be in glorious Colorado.
It can also pose some footwear challenges. You wish to honor the happy couple by looking your best, but you need to be able to trek through the dirt. If you are not the cowboy boot type or if this is a dressier mountain wedding, an ankle boot could solve the conundrum. An ankle boot/shootie/bootie--whatever you want to call it--has a sturdy heel so you won’t get stuck in the mud. It also covers your feet so your toes won’t look like dirty little piggies by the end of the night. An ankle boot is comfortable, on theme, and complements almost any dress in a fashion-forward and chic way. Speaking of dress, a vintage or western-inspired look always seems to mingle well with boots and big skies. Small flowers, maybe some frills, fringe, or lace, a sweet blue or cream, a sexy red...there are options. Add a cowboy hat, if you’re in the mood.
Boots can be worn all year long and with anything—jeans, skirts, leggings, or dresses. It is a purchase you won’t regret, and it just so happens that Strut has an incredible selection. The Frye Shooties shown here are a favorite of mine—streamlined and timeless.

Black Tie Wedding

Colorado culture is active and casual. For many Coloradans, a black tie event is a rarity, but maybe your East Coast pal or your Chicago chum invites you to a black tie wedding. What to do?! For your dress, think darker colors, bold patterns, and long silhouettes. (Or be super fly like Diane Keaton and truly go black tie.) To keep your shoe classic and posh, try opting for black or metallic.
My advice always is to keep versatility in mind. Who wants to purchase a dress or shoe that you'll wear only once? Try looking for a dress that you could wear again elsewhere, such as to a swanky party or cultural event. Speaking shoe, one way to merge glamour with versatility and comfort is to find a shoe that is structurally striking, made of soft leather (or another soft material if you’re a vegan consumer), and with a realistic heel.

The AS98 Sutton is a favorite for these reasons. Its soft, high-quality leather and short heel make it comfortable, while its interesting structure makes it swanky. When back to daily life, you could wear this shoe with jeans, to work, or a night on the town.

Destination Wedding

You may need to play planes, trains, and automobiles to get there, but a destination wedding is a great excuse for a mini vacation. In addition, it offers your eyes and mind new sights and perspectives. When we hear destination wedding, we often imagine sand, turquoise water, soft breezes, and pink sunsets. We want to dress in a way that captures that feeling of relaxed luxury…and that allows us to walk through that sand. To blend with the surroundings, you could wear a dress that is airy, simple, and classic. Maybe add a flowing silk scarf to embody the waves and sunsets. Flat, strappy heels allow you to walk through the sand while feeling effortlessly chic.
When back at home, you could wear the dress with flip-flops, sneakers, or those same strappy sandals. You could wear the sandals with shorts, skirts, jeans, capris…anything!

Food Truck or Picnic Wedding

Mmmmm. Fresh air mixed with sunshine and the smell of barbecue (or pizza, burritos, stir fry). Food truck or picnic weddings have that easy-going and fun vibe. But sometimes the phrase, easy-going wedding, can be confusing when it comes to dress. You are outside so you want sturdy footwear. You want to embody that food truck atmosphere, where you may be called to catch a Frisbee at any moment, while looking and feeling good. Some wedges, espadrilles, or clogs could be your stylish yet sensible companions. You could further personify a picnic with a dress that has a belted waist and full skirt, a fun pattern, or bright colors. If you’re the suit jacket type, seersucker is always a crowd pleaser. My main recommendation is to wear something that you can move comfortably in so you can sit in the grass and throw that Frisbee. You could add a floppy hat or straw fedora to complete your hip ensemble.

The TOMS Beatrix Clog is cushiony, classic, and mixes with any summer vibe.

Traditional Spring or Summer Wedding

Pretty bouquets, pastel dresses, big hats (if you’re in The South or The Land of Kate and William), high heels…these are the images I see when thinking of a traditional wedding. Feminine florals usually complement the day well, but your look doesn’t have to be all pretty-pretty. You could add a contemporary edge by pairing your dress with some chunkier (more comfortable) heels. Choose a color to add another facet to your composition. For example, red shoes go with most anything and add a fun dimension to your get-up. So get up and dance!

These red Iris Heels are on my wish list. They are one of the more comfortable heels, cool, and oh so versatile. After the wedding, wear them with anything to add some strut to your style.

Happy Wedding Season,
Sara, Lisa and Elyse

 Hiris & Co brings style to you and your spaces in ways that are thoughtful, sustainable, and true to you, using artful and mindful practices.

Hiris & Co brings style to you and your spaces in ways that are thoughtful, sustainable, and true to you, using artful and mindful practices.

 Strut Denver brings you a gorgeously curated and well-edited selection of shoes, jewelry, accessories, and clothes.

Strut Denver brings you a gorgeously curated and well-edited selection of shoes, jewelry, accessories, and clothes.