Being the Bride

5 simple mindfulness practices to help you be present on the big day

Most weddings include hundreds of hours of planning -- from choosing the invitations to the last hours of celebrating and dancing. On the day of the wedding you need to remember the most important thing: You are marrying the love of your life. Shifting from doing, planning, working to being, experiencing, enjoying can alter the day for you and your guests dramatically. 

Here are 5 simple ways to stay present and calm on your wedding day:

  1. Five-Minute Meditation
    Begin your big day by sitting either on a bed or outside in nature. If inside, choose a song that is about five minutes long and that makes you happy. If you are in nature, set a five-minute timer and close your eyes and listen to the noises that surround you.  Close your eyes, listen, and breathe in the day.  
  2. Incorporate Yoga
    One great way to avoid mental chatter on your wedding day is to drop into your body. I hear this a lot: I would love to hire a yoga teacher to start my day, but I just don’t have time. This is exactly why you should make the time. If you feel rushed, you will be rushed. Start your day with intention and calm, and your day will be intentional and calm.
  3. Grounding with Touch
    “To live in our hands humbles our mind into accepting something other than itself. We come alive through braille of heart.” -Mark Nepo.
    When we drop into sensory awareness we are more present in our bodies and in the moment. Most weddings have an abundance of flowers. Take the time to close your eyes and feel the petals. Notice the texture and weight. 
  4. Gratitude
    Often we are acutely aware of what doesn’t go right. There will always be things that don’t go as planned. Practicing gratitude is a way of noticing what is right and good. Taking a moment for finding gratitude, even if it is just being thankful for this breath, will shift your focus into the good.
  5. Smile
    Smile now, smile often. This is a day you will remember for your whole life. Start the day with a smile. This will shift your energy. Smile whenever you think about it. Smile at your guests and the vendors. Smile at the people you don’t know. Offer your day to love and joy and love and joy will come back to you.

Lisa Rundall is a Denver based wedding photographer. Available to travel all around the world to write your story. Email to start the conversation. If you need recommendations for a yoga teacher to hire for your wedding day, drop her a line.