Meagen Svendsen

In the studio with Meagen Svendsen

How would you describe your style and the medium with which you work?

I tend to describe my work as ceramic sculpture and installation. Others tend to describe it as surrealist. My work is inspired by the interconnection of nature and humanity and draws heavily on scientific research. Clay is my primary medium. I utilize found objects and sound collections, mostly from nature, in my installations. 


How long have you been doing this work? 

I began my sculptural work in 2000. For about seven years prior to that, I threw Japanese-inspired dinnerware on the potter’s wheel. 


Where did you learn your techniques? 

I learned to throw pots on the potter’s wheel from a Japanese artist while working as an English teacher in Japan. I also studied with the late Rodger Lang at Metro State and have taken numerous workshops. 


Tell me about your favorite piece that you are working on now. 

My favorite piece is always the one I am working on. In my head, I am working on a large scale installation inspired by a Mexican carnival game. I am also enjoying my “Baby Buddha” series. 


Do you have any upcoming shows or events? 

My work is currently on view in the Art of the State Exhibit at the Arvada Center.